Paralegal Services

As a licensed paralegal in Ontario, Sylvie can provide you with a wide range of traffic ticket services. She primarily focuses on traffic and M.T.O. matters but is able to handle some other issues.

If you have a traffic ticket that you need to deal with Sylvie can help. She regularly travels to various courts throughout the province, including most of Northern Ontario. She also has an extensive network of agents that can help.

Types of Tickets

If you’ve received a ticket for speeding, stunt driving, careless driving or any other traffic offense, you can count on Sylvie to help you get the best deal possible. She will take into account the impact a conviction or guilty plea will have on your record, insurance, etc. rather than just the fine.

Her knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act and regulations as well as good relationships with prosecutors and various officers helps her to negotiate a great deal for you or fight your ticket effectively.

For commercial operators and drivers, Sylvie has expert knowledge of the CVOR system and the points assigned that is critical for you when negotiating with the courts. Protect your CVOR record to reduce the chance of audits and sanctions that can drastically affect your business.

Courts Attended

While Sylvie is able to attend almost any court in the province of Ontario for you, her main focus is Central and Northern Ontario. This includes the Muskoka courts of Bracebridge and Huntsville. Other courts include Sundridge, North Bay, Parry Sound, Sudbury, Haileybury and Cochrane. She travels as far north at Hearst, west to Wawa and east to Ottawa.

In the south she regularly attends court in Barrie, Owen Sound, Milton, St. Catherines, Welland and many of the other smaller courts.

See the list of courts that Sylvie regularly attends.


Since Sylvie is fluently bilingual, she is able to represent you in English or French.

How It Works

If you want to hire Sylvie to represent you in court, you will need to contact her for a free, no obligation quote. She will often have your matter moved to another court date to accommodate her schedule.

She will have you sign and return an authorization form that allows her to act on your behalf at the court and the Provincial Offences Office. She will handle all the paper work from that point on, including the request for disclosure, notices of motion, etc.

There will often be court appearances before an actual trial to give the court time to look at negotiation options. Sylvie will explain these to you so that you can make a decision about accepting or offering a plea bargin or proceeding with a trial. Ultimately, you will make the decision.

If a trial is necessary, most cases you will not need to be present. In some cases, you may need to be there to offer testimony on your own behalf. If this is required, Sylvie will let you know and help you to be ready for the trial.

Appeals and Reopenings

Sometimes you might be found guilty in traffic court when you shouldn’t. Or you may not have been able to show up for your trial date for some reason and were found guilty in absentia.

In these cases you can proceed with a reopening or an appeal. Sylvie is able to help you with that and she knows which you should pursue in either case.

Safety Consulting (Truck and Bus)

Sylvie is also a Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Consultant. As a former enforcement officer with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (M.T.O.) she is able to help operators and drivers of commercial motor vehicles with compliance with the myriad statutes and regulations.

Specifically, audit preparation and training in areas of Hours of Service (Logbooks), Pre-trip Inspections and Cargo Securement is available. You can find more about these services at the Services page.