Sylvie Nickerson: CVOR Expert

With Sylvie’s background as an MTO enforcement officer, she has a great deal of experience and knowledge about the CVOR system. If you are a driver or operator of a commercial motor vehicle, she is able to help you fight your traffic tickets.

Dealing with traffic tickets for a commercial vehicle is more complex than regular traffic tickets. In addition to having to think about fines and driver license demerit points, you must also consider the impact that a conviction will have on the CVOR records of both the operator and the driver.

Even tickets that are only laid against the driver of the vehicle will still have an impact on the operator.

What’s the Deal with CVOR Points Anyway?

Accumulating CVOR points can have serious implications for a company. It can lead to

  • MTO audits (triggered when your points reach 50% of your threshold)
  • downgraded safety ratings
  • sanctions against the company
  • higher insurance costs
  • loss of contracts.

You need someone who understands the intricate maze of regulations and points systems. You need someone who can work towards a resolution that is best for your company. A deal that seems great for a driver may not be so good for the operator and ultimately the driver when the company is impacted.

You need a CVOR expert to guide you through the maze.

You need Sylvie on your side.

Contact her for a free consultation on your situation.