Sylvie Nickerson: Licensed Paralegal in Ontario

What exactly is a licensed paralegal?

Well, a paralegal is someone who is able to act on your behalf in a courtroom or court office. They are able to act as your agent and are similar in many ways to a lawyer. They do not necessarily have the same depth of training as a lawyer, but they have experience and knowledge that helps them fight for you in court.

In Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada is responsible for licensing lawyers and paralegals. In the past, paralegals were not required to be licensed and many were not properly trained. Some were dishonest. Now that must be licensed you know that they have a level of knowledge and accountability that you can trust.

There are some things that a paralegal is not authorized to do in the courts, but when dealing with traffic issues they are able to handle any case that they are willing to take on.

Many paralegals in the traffic ticket market are former police officers or M.T.O. enforcement officers, like Sylvie.

Each paralegal that works in Ontario must have a license and you can check out their profile at the Law Society web page. You can search for them by last name, first name or location.

For example, Sylvie’s profile is listed under Marie Helene Sylvie Nickerson. Search for the last name “Nickerson” to find her profile (we cannot link to it directly due to the design of the directory). You won’t find her entry under “Sylvie” since the Law Society records her name as “Marie Helene Sylvie”.