Who is Sylvie Nickerson?

Sylvie is a licensed paralegal in the Province of Ontario.You can check her entry in the Lawyer and Paralegal Directory. Search on “Last Name” of Nickerson. Her entry is under Marie Helene Sylvie.

She has been helping people with traffic tickets since 2000. As a consultant to truck and bus companies, part of her duties involved representing them in court when they had traffic tickets. She also does subcontracting work for other paralegal companies in courts that they don’t directly service.

Before becoming a paralegal, she worked as an enforcement officer with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario for 9 years. She gained experience with the procedures used by MTO officers in writing tickets and in the courts. This includes expert knowledge of CVOR matters.

Sylvie is fluently bilingual and is able to represent you in French as well as English.

What Can Sylvie Do for You?

Sylvie can be your agent in court. She will handle the paperwork and phone calls. She may be able to make a deal for you that will save you fines and points (and indirectly, insurance rate hikes). She may even be able to get the charges withdrawn. If necessary, she will fight a trial for you.

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